Lakeland Bovine Bucket

“Feeding 100 head of cattle within three minutes and with no effort is what the Lakeland Bovine Bucket is all about.”

Dennis McMorris, inventor, Lakeland Bovine Bucket

Bovine Bucket

  • Feeds a large number of livestock a large volume of grain.
  • Appeals to livestock operations that feed grain, pellets or prepared rations.
  • Distributes grain, pellets or prepared rations with an augering system.
  • Auger is supported on a frame above the feed bunk.
  • Model is a 20 foot section for ease of adjustment.
  • Can be any length desired.
  • Eliminates the need to start a tractor.
  • Takes a minute and a half to three minutes to feed a herd.
  • Is fast and efficient.
  • Prepares “feeders” to “finish” without lifting a pail.


Why would you want a feeding system like this?

All producers involved in livestock management feel that they should be doing more with their product rather than just taking them to an auction mart.

You can:

  • Conserve your hay by feeding your livestock when hay crops are at a premium.
  • Feed more livestock with an equivalent amount of hay if you subsidize with grain.
  • Feed a calf crop and sell them as “fats” thus doubling the value of your product.

What can it do for you?

  • Feed grain to cattle or any livestock in your operation.
  • Conserve time and energy.
  • Have other family members assist you with feeding your livestock.
  • Feed your livestock more quickly and efficiently.
  • Feed your livestock at a flick of a switch in minutes.
  • Help you avoid selling your livestock in a soft market scenario.

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Lakeland Bovine Bucket Pictures

See pictures of the Lakeland Bovine Bucket in action below.


As I carried five gallon pails filled with grain and walked back and forth from the chop bin to the troughs to feed my cattle, it became quite apparent that there had to be a better way to do this. As mentioned, I used five gallon pails and a two by two marking system on the bin door to ensure that I carried the correct amount of pails to the correct group of cattle. Each day I questioned why a person could not invent a simpler, more efficient, and safer method of feeding grain to cattle.

Long sleepless nights during calving season provided me with an opportunity to think about designing a feeding system. My idea and concept incorporated the use of an augering system. The draft designs were done on graph paper and were kept in the office drawer for approx five years. One cold day, as I carried those dreaded pails of feed, I decided to make those drawings into a reality and began manufacturing the components in the shop.

Once the components were manufactured, put together and put in place in the feeding area, the project was ready for a trial run. I approached the electrical outlet which was my power source, plugged it in, and… it was just as I had envisioned on paper.

Feeding 100 head of cattle within three minutes and with no effort is what the Bovine Bucket is all about.”

Dennis McMorris, inventor, Lakeland Bovine Bucket