Animal Health Videos

Here you will find our latest Animal Health Product Videos…

NEW! Miraco Frost-Free Cattle Waterers
Check out this walk-through of the Miraco cattle and livestock waterer system…

Mineral Tub Program
When you have a supplement program that is guaranteed — you can rest assured! We take the risk off your shoulders by providing the industry ‘s most controlled-intake supplement that is backed by our guarantee — Cost Guardâ„¢! If it doesn’t perform we will replace it!

Medi-Darts & Crossbow
Medi-Darts are tools for giving intramuscular or subcutaneous injections to livestock without the need to restrain the animal. Medi-Dart’s unique needle design holds the dart in the animal until the medication is delivered. Once the injection is complete the needle is pushed out of the animal by the patented system.