Lakeland Mineral Program

Your neighbours will be GREEN with envy!

In today’s livestock industry any cost-conscious cattleman will agree that if we can maximize digestion, and get more milage out of our feed, we’re lowering input costs. Lakeland has great mineral options available, in green tubs of course!

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Definitely makes a difference. We had cows come off pasture last fall that were badly under conditioned. They came back pretty good once we got them on the tubs [Powermax Plus] and now they are calving we’ve had very few problems. We bought cheaper tubs to try but they ate them like candy so we will be using the orange ones again for sure. They cost more to buy but a lot less to feed than ‘cheaper’ tubs!Simon from Dawson Creek BC

Lakeland PowerMax Plus

Premium All-Year round Tub – Maximum mineral to consumption rate

Lakeland Pasture Plus

Premium All-Year round Tub – Maximum mineral to consumption rate

Lakeland Pro Lyx

Complete mineral and vitamin package at a budget price


There are several reasons you may want to consider using our mineral tub program at your ranch. Lakeland group’s mineral program specializes in cost effective livestock nutrition by offering solutions to livestock producers across America. We are all about efficiency – getting more out of your forages. We offer you solutions with protein for cattle using our low cost livestock supplements.

Controlled Consumption

Chelated trace mineral pack

Yeast & enzymes promoting digestion

Lowest cost per head per day

Consistently excellent results & feedback

See It In Action!

Watch the video for a quick product demonstration of our Lakeland Mineral Tub.

Other Great Mineral Options

If our three best-selling tubs aren’t for you, consider these other options for your farm.

Lakeland SheepMax Plus

Sheep specific mineral program. All year round tub with full nutrition package.

Lakeland Range Rocket

Two times the surface area for more availability. All the benefits of PowerMax Plus in an easy pull sled.

Lakeland Range Rocket Hitch

For those interested in the Range Rocket, consider this hitch option exclusively for the Range Rocket.

More Features

CostGuard - The Risk is off your Shoulders

Every livestock producer is accustomed to the idea of risk, to some degree or another. We recognize this – and have taken steps to completely eliminate the idea of risk from our program.

Every mineral tub comes with the CostGuard consumption control guarantee. By guaranteeing the consumption rate of the mineral tubs, it gives you complete peace-of-mind relating to your feed. It enables you to forecast your actual input costs – and stick to them. If the situation was such that consumption on the lick tubs was higher than the guarantee, we’d provide you with free product to compensate the over consumption.

When you have a supplement program that is guaranteed – you can rest assured!

We take the risk off your shoulders by providing the industry’s most controlled-intake supplement that is backed by our guarantee – costguard ™!

Free Shipping - Direct to your yard!

We are dedicated to making ourselves easy to deal with.  We would love to have your business – but we believe we don’t deserve it unless we earn it.

With our ranch delivery system, we have what it takes to be local anywhere in North America! Our freight network is efficient and geared to be the essential link between our family operation and our valued customers.

We typically coordinate all our deliveries with freight companies that are local to your province, state or area, which gives us the edge to support local communities … and at the same time making the Lakeland Mineral Tub Program available to every producer across North America.

Customized Feeding Program

Ask about our premium customized feeding program. We test your feed supplies to determine nutrient value of on-farm feeds. We then build a feeding program using the producers of farm feed supplies for wintering cows, back grounding calves, finishing calves, or any variation of that. We then build a mineral or supplement program that matches your feed stocks and your performance goals of your herd. Let’s face it, as producers we are not all cut from the same cloth, our minerals and feed program are designed to fit you and your operation all the while keeping economics as a major influencing factor.

High Mineral Nutrition Package

Your livestock nutrition solution in a loose mineral. Yearling Mineral, Breeder Mineral and Hi-Mag Mineral and more! Lakeland mineral includes highly fortified minerals, Q-ZORB chelates, enzymes, probiotics, and yeast!

All Lakeland Mineral Tub Products Include:

  • Q-Zorb™ chelates – using the latest technology to get the trace minerals to where they need to go
  • Nutrizorb™, our digestion-aid pack to boost digestion & help the cattle get more nutritional “mileage” out of their diet
  • Riomune™ yeast for improved gut-health and overall health status

Find out more about our high mineral nutrition packages, call 866-443-7444!

After Sales Service

For the team at Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct, a division of Lakeland Group … the sale is not the end of the road – it’s the beginning! Our consultants guide you from the introduction of the product to your livestock through to monitoring and managing consumption – simply because we care!

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