Lakeland Portable Structures

Lakeland Portable Structures are multifunctional storage and used for Agricultural, Industrial, Recreational or construction equipment, inventory or commodities such as hay or feed, special events, manufacturing, maintenance, or a riding arena, these are just a few of the endless possibilities.
Lakeland Portable Structures
We have a comprehensive line of fabric structure solutions to meet your needs. The portable single truss 24’ and 30’ wide structures are a great solution providing up to 65’ in length or more. The fully portable engineered truss line of 38’ and 46’ wide with unlimited lengths. These structures, being fully engineered, portable, with tremendous storage capabilities, are one of the most popular and functional structures in the industry. Finally, engineered truss structure line up has widths from 42’ up to 72’ wide, with unlimited lengths to suit most needs.
Lakeland Portable structures are pre-engineered and are modular in design – allowing for easy erection and several buildings to be “connected” to each other, offering unlimited lengths.

Simplicity is the rule, with no heavy equipment required for putting the building up, and no permanent foundation required with our Lakeland Portable Structures product lines – allowing the ability to relocate the building very easily. Typical installation time is approximately 30 person hours on our smaller buildings.

Powder Coat Paint
All Lakeland Portable Structures are finished with our distinctive brown Powder Paint which provides a glass-like, non-abrasive, smooth finish to prevent any premature wear in the fabric cover.

The application process which includes baking the powder onto the steel, giving a longer life to your Portable Structure. By starting with selecting only quality structural steel, coupled with a multi-stage wash and cleaning system – ensuring that the surface is ready to accept the Powder Paint. The products are all baked up to 450 degrees, resulting in an extremely durable corrosion and abrasion resistant finish that will stand the test of time in the field. The Epoxy Coating formulation is also a sought after option that provides longer life to the steel in high corrosion facilities. This process has been tested to last longer in high corrosion buildings than any galvanizing process.

Lakeland Portable Structure Design
The round over or hoop design is a proven configuration that provides the best performance and longevity of the main cover. Many of our structures have a straighter wall leg allowing you to maximize the use in your Lakeland Portable Structure. Designed with the customer in mind, ensuring our structures meet or exceed your expectations for value and quality.
Our 12 ounce 23 mil NovaShield II membrane fabrics with Armorkote are prime materials specially formulated for our building designs, ensuring many years of trouble free performance. During daylight hours, our structures will be noticeably warmer in the winter months and clearly cooler in the summer months than a conventional building – and with a massive light transfer of up to 80%, allowing for a high degree of comfort and excellent working conditions during daylight hours.
Lakeland Portable Structures are multifunctional and are used by individuals for personal use right through to large corporations using them for commercial purposes. Whether it is for storage of Agricultural, Industrial, Recreational or construction equipment, inventory or commodities such as hay or feed, special events, manufacturing, maintenance, or a riding arena, these are just a few of the endless possibilities. Rapid installation, ease of relocation or extension, and lower operational costs make the Lakeland Portable Structure the preferred choice of customers, no matter what it is used for. Versatility is a significant benefit for you, knowing your structure has the flexibility to meet and maximize your specific need.
All single and engineered truss structures come with an industry leading 15 year pro-rated warranty on the main cover and the steel, to provide peace of mind for years of trouble free service with low maintenance and operating costs.

Care must be taken at all times to ensure the covers are tight to the frame members and not allowed to vibrate in windy conditions. It is important to install and maintain your Lakeland Portable Structure in accordance with the warranty to ensure we can assist you.

"We bought a full handling system from you guys at Lakeland a few years ago and it is still working great. My husband and I put through nearly 400 animals last week again - we did ivomec and preg checking etc. Having a proper handling system makes life so much easier. Having just the two of us working that many cattle - it's important that you get proper facilities and you guys helped us do exactly that!"

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