Bale King Processor Model 5100

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Product Description

BALE KING BALE PROCESSORS- A new generation of Bale Processors!

With the Bale King you can do it all!!

  • Reduce feed and bedding costs
  • Give every member of your herd the same advantages the dominant ones have
  • Give your cattle more palatable feed
  • Prepare better bedding without a pitch fork or being run over by cattle
  • Manage more livestock with less work
  • Chop and spread for erosion & odor control or add fiber to soils
  • Chop and spread to cover or cushion specialty crops
  • Significantly reduce TMR mixing times by pre-processing your dry matter in a Bale King processor


Model 5100 Bale King- Handles 2 bales capacity
Model 5100TR Bale King- Handles 2 bales capacity with 40 Bushel Grain Tank
Model 5125 Bale King – 5100 Model with a 100 bushel grain tank


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