12V Vertical Mixing Auger

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Product Description

We offer a number of optional features for our Easy Feeder. Please request them when you order a Lakeland Easy Feeder, as some options are only available at time of ordering.

Vertical Mixing Auger

Our 8″ vertical mixing auger is designed for mixing supplements with many types of feed. You have the option of choosing 12V electric drive or Hyd. Orbit drive. Please specify a vertical mixing auger when ordering, as we are able to include this only at time of ordering.

Trailer Kit

We can supply you with a trailer kit to tow your Eze-Feeder with a pickup, tractor, or ATV. We offer either a 2″ ball coupler or a clevis hitch.

Digital Scale

Our digital scale is available on a standard skid-mounted Eze-Feeder or on a trailer-mounted model. It has 4 load cells, and is rated for 6,000LB.

3-PTH Frame

An Eze-Feeder can be quickly bolted onto our Cat. II 3-PTH frame(or enquire about our Cat. III 3-PTH frame). These frames are made of heavy-duty welded steel construction.

Remote Lid

With the 12V Remote lid you won’t have to climb onto the Eze-Feeder to open and close the lid. You can do that all at the touch of a button from the comfort of your pickup/tractor cab. Please specify a remote lid when ordering, as we are able to include this only at time of ordering.


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