Mighty Dumper T-1200H

The T-1200H Mighty Dumper is a 12 ton capacity, tandem axle utility trailer, with 4-1/2′ formed steel sides. Dump box dimensions: 7′ wide x 12′ long with 4-1/2′ high sides

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Product Description


  • Heavy duty formed steel deck & sides
  • Brackets for planks to extend height of sides up to 12 inches
  • Dual 4 inch x 24 inch double acting hydraulic cylinders – Hoses included
  • Self opening tail gate with grain door
  • Swivel hitch
  • 8,000 pound drop leg jack
  • 6,500 pound, 8-bolt hubs & spindles
  • 12.5L x 15″ load range “F” highway service tires


  • Safety chains
  • Rear light kit
  • Hydraulic tail gate
  • 400/60 x 15.5″ 16-ply flotation tires


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