Powermax Plus

Powermax Plus

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NEW IMPROVED WITH YEAST! The cadillac of lick tubs – this formula is great for pre-calving, calving, weaning, as well as late season pastures and corn stalk grazing. 15% all-natural protein, fortified minerals, chelated trace minerals with a digestion pack to optimize digestion and Diatomacous Earth. Premium All Year Round Tub useful for fall grazing / prior to calving / weaning & receiving.

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At Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct, we want to make life a little easier for our customers. This is why we believe in providing Farm Direct Delivery… and by “farm direct” that’s exactly what we mean.

…received delivery last week – on time, unscathed, & a good driver – that means a lot – thanks! – AB

No more extended waiting and no more long days of driving and hauling, or multiple trips to pick-up purchases from a dealer.  Our delivery truck will get to you faster and drops off your purchase to your own land.  With Lakeland’s large in-stock and on site inventory, our team can expedite the shipping process, so sit back and relax as we deliver directly to your lot. Save yourself the time, the gas and the headache… let Lakeland take care of it!

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8 reviews for Powermax Plus

  1. Daylen P – MB

    Consumption is going exactly as discussed – perfect!

  2. Ron W – NS

    Definitely controlled consumption which means lower cost overall

  3. Lawrence R – Hays, AB

    This is my 2nd year on the program. For 2 years now, I haven’t needed to help one cow with calving. It shows something must we working!

  4. Dirdre Schone – AB

    Definitely improves conception rates so have to keep reminding the guys that its worth the investment…

  5. Jeryn T – Heward, SK

    I’m loving it and the animals are looking good.They aren’t burning through it as quickly as what I thought they would.

  6. Dalen – MB

    They hit it hard and first as they probably were a bit deficient, Now its working fine with controlled consumption

  7. JR – SK

    I believe in your mineral tubs. It is evident when the cows have access to them and when they do not. I really believe the feed efficiency additive is a crucial ingredient for our operation. My dad always instilled in us that you can get away with some substandard forages mixed in when you have to but whatever you do make sure those cows have good minerals in front of them!

  8. Simon

    Definitely makes a difference. We had cows come off pasture last fall that were badly under conditioned. They came back pretty good once we got them on the tubs [Powermax Plus] and now they are calving we’ve had very few problems. We bought cheaper tubs to try but they ate them like candy so we will be using the orange ones again for sure. They cost more to buy but a lot less to feed than ‘cheaper’ tubs!

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