Tree Shovel – TSH 1800

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SKU: TSH 1800
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Product Description

  • Fits most late model skid steers
  • Ideal for digging and transplanting trees & shrubs
  • Open back design allows operator to engage the shovel into the ground on the leading edge of the tree then continue all the way under the rootball and up the other side, then roll back to the center of the rootball and simply lift the tree out of the hole
  • Transport and plant balled and burlapped trees
  • Versatile digging and trenching tool in forward and reverse
  • Loosens hard-packed soil, rocks, and stumps
  • Cut out mounting plate allows for excellent visibility
  • 48” digging depth on all models
  • Shovel is constructed using 3/8” steel plate with tapered cutting edge
  • Heavy duty construction


SKUShovel WidthWeight
TSH 180018″280 lbs
TSH 240024″390 lbs
TSH 360036″424 lbs
TSH 420042″434 lbs


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