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Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct produces several makes and models of sheep and goat handling equipment, sheep feeders and goat feeders, sheep fencing and more. We are the sheep equipment and goat equipment experts! Lakeland sheep handling equipment is superior in every way. Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct offers a wide range of sheep handling equipment and goat handling equipment.

The sheep handling equipment from Lakeland
is a great time and back saver.James G.


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Farm Favourite

DST – DELUXE SPIN TRIM CHUTE | It is a very versatile piece of equipment. It helps make less appealing tasks much easier.



Hoof Trimmer

Spinning hoof trimmer

Self Catch

Self Catch Headgate included

Variety of Chores

Perfect for hoof trimming, vaccination, tagging, deworming, etc.


70″ x 42″ x 53″ (L x W x H)

Fully Adjustable

Fully adjustable to all sizes of sheep & goat

Easy Access

Spins right over for easy access

Cushion Pads

Cushion pads are also available for smaller animals – not included

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More Farm Favourites

WCCT-DX – WORKING CHUTE AND CROWDING TUB FOR SHEEP | The Working Chute and Tub is a fast and easy way to handle your sheep.


Unique design allows all sections of chute to be interchanged


Length of chute can be extended by adding more sections


Guillotines and anti-backups can be inserted anywhere along chute


Versatile design allows unit to adapt quickly and efficiently to your operation



14 ga. mig welded steel tank holds approximately 12 bushels


Tank is 6’ long x 3’ wide


6’ x 6’ yard with adjustable openings on creep panel end gate


Slide back water proof lid


Tank moves easily on skids


Collapsable for easy shipping and transport

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We love to hear from the people that use our products and would appreciate if you sent us your testimonial or review of your favourite Lakeland products. Contact us at 1.866.443.7444 or send us an email with your testimonial.

Wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the pivot table for sheep that I purchased from your company. It is easy to operate and easy to move.

It is extremely well thought out from its folding entrance door to its head gate at the exit. I easily fits up against my current handing chute. All the moving parts move easily and smoothly and it so easy to tilt the sheep. Its also nice that they can be stilted on their side on all way over. I was able to worm, trim feed and ear tag all in one sessions. Thanks for much for making a difficult job easy and less stressful for my ewes!

I don’t know how I ever got along with out one.

Vancouver Island, BC

I’m quite happy overall. A couple issues, but Ross has made sure that he gets me what I need promptly.

Terry D

Works great. Easy to assemble. No issues at all.

James G

The sheep handling equipment from Lakeland is a great time and back saver.

James G

I love my sheep chute system. I use it all the time.

Jen L McBride, BC

Received the goat flipper today its great fine job fast delivery you guys rock

Robert H - Catheys Valley CA

Sorting today – working really well – we love it!

Norene - BC

I absolutely love the handling system we got from you last fall! Works great!

Troy N. - Nokomis, SK

All Products That We Have Received From Lakeland Have Been Of Excellent Quality. Any Questions We Have Had -Have Been Answered Quickly and Cordially. All Sales Staff Have Been Excellent Going The Extra Mile Every Time. A Great Pleasure Working With You.

Michael & Janice C., Saskatchewan

I got delivery all good and am very very happy and satisfied with it. Didn’t have any problems, and love my lil spin table and you wouldn’t have enough money to buy it back! We have engineered a very good product.

Leroy A - Eunice, USA

Got delivery of the spin chute! Ran 39 head through twice and works vv well, love it! Just need to save up for the alley/tub system to go behind it now…:)

Debbie D - Bridgeport, TX

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