Silage Safe Covering System

Attain a higher yield from your roughage with Silage Safe!

Covering and uncovering your roughage is often very intensive and time consuming. Furthermore is the way by which the roughage is sealed influential in its quality.

Sealing your roughage airtight in a quick and efficient way is therefore very important. The Silage Safe roughage sealing system offers you the way to seal your roughage quickly, precisely and with minimal amounts of physical effort before it starts to rain.

Minimizing roughage loss and retains quality

Fast and efficient sealing

With Silage Safe you can optimal cover your roughage airtight. With minimum amounts of physical effort, in a quick and precise manner.

This way you accomplish optimal preserved roughage and you will retain a high quality feed. With Silage Safe it’s easier to add additional layers to the silo. This way you will provide a constant quality of the roughage. This leads to an optimal intake of the cows, which will result in good health and a higher production rate.


Silage Safe offers a great number of advantages over the use of tires, hoses or sand when securing agricultural foil on top of your roughage.

  1. Labour saving – After compacting your silage, you can seal it without much physical effort. Unsealing your roughage is also much easier and faster.
  2. High roughage quality – By optimally sealing your roughage airtight it is optimally preserved. Hereby the quality of the roughage is retained.
  3. Uncomplicated system – The system does not use big porches or platforms on your silo. It only consists of woven sheets, PVC and steel tubes and straps with buckles.

Advantages Silage Safe

  • Airtight seal of your roughage in a quick and uncomplicated way
  • Minimizing roughage loses
  • A low amount of physical effort while unsealing
  • Adjustable to your rate of feeding, hereby your roughage remains optimally preserved
  • Without walling, hoses or sand pressure on your pit, including edges along your silo wall
  • Sealing in layers is possible due to the fact that you can easily and quickly your roughage
  • Optimal protected against external influences, such as birds, wild animals and the weather
  • Low price to purchase

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Silage Safe Storage Rack

Nice and tidy!

Silage Safe also has an optional storage rack available for purchase.

The Silage Safe storage rack makes it possible to safely and tidily store the Silage Safe sheets while not in use. This way, you can store all the sheets together and have them remain clean and undamaged. The convenient design of the storage rack makes it possible to store the left and right sheets separately. When you have to use the sheets to cover next season’s pit, they can be easily taken from the storage rack. This will save you lots of time.

  • Detachable side panels – The side panels of the storage rack are detachable. This ensures easy access during placement.
  • Light weight – Because of the rack’s low weight, it is easily placed on a telescopic handler, front loader or forklift.
  • Pallet fork slots – The convenient pallet fork slots make it possible to safely transport it above the silo wall when you place the sheets.

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