Cattle Handling Equipment

 Lakeland’s had many years of experience in the cattle handling industry, hearing what the North American rancher (and even global rancher) has to say. We’ve taken all that feedback and put into our cattle handling equipment and accessories.

We carry an extensive range of stationary cattle handling systems, portable cattle handling systems, cattle crushes and cattle squeeze chutes, cattle tubs and alleys, cattle loading chutes, calving equipment and much more

And at the center of it all, Lakeland offers our signature Easy Catch line of products, our cattle handling solution that’ll help streamline your cattle operation, increasing your efficiency and ensuring your safety and the safety of your livestock. From our innovative Cornerless Crowding Tub to our industry-leading Easy Catch Squeeze Chute, Lakeland’s Easy products are affordable, easy-to-use and are fully equipped with everything you need to make your ranch the best it can be.




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We bought a full handling system from you guys at Lakeland a few years ago and it is still working great. My husband and I put through nearly 400 animals last week again – we did ivomec and preg checking etc. Having a proper handling system makes life so much easier. Having just the two of us working that many cattle – it’s important that you get proper facilities and you guys helped us do exactly that! – Diane – Melita MB

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