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Automed Device with 2 batteries & charger


Livestock Medication Delivery Device. Designed for ergonomic dosing and ease of use, the Automed Device reduces treatment costs, improves drug efficiency and livestock health.

The Automed delivery device is battery-powered, durable and robust, and was designed specifically for user comfort, accurate dosing and automatic treatment recording.

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At Lakeland Farm And Ranch Direct, we want to make life a little easier for our customers. This is why we believe in providing Farm Direct Delivery… and by “farm direct” that’s exactly what we mean.

…received delivery last week – on time, unscathed, & a good driver – that means a lot – thanks! – AB

No more extended waiting and no more long days of driving and hauling, or multiple trips to pick-up purchases from a dealer.  Our delivery truck will get to you faster and drops off your purchase to your own land.  With Lakeland’s large in-stock and on site inventory, our team can expedite the shipping process, so sit back and relax as we deliver directly to your lot. Save yourself the time, the gas and the headache… let Lakeland take care of it!

  • Accurate Dosing: Accurate and reliable dosing each and every time you pull the trigger.
  • Fast Delivery: Deliver a 2mL vaccine in less than 1 second, with no delay between doses.
  • Ergonomic: Sleek and comfortable design which eliminates repetitive strain injuries.
  • Battery Life: 4-8 hours continuous dosing on a single charge. Recharge in less than 1 hour.
  • Weight Based Dosing: Eliminate overdosing, underdosing and save up to 21% in weight-based medication.
  • Rugged Design: Light-weight, durable and tough design built to last
  • Light Indicator: Quickly check the status of your dose with the bright, colour LED indicator.
  • Wireless: Connect directly to the device over Wi-Fi using your smartphone, tablet or router.
  • Maintenance Free: No maintenance required, just wipe clean the device after each use.
  • 10,000 Records: Store up to 10,000 treatment records onboard the device and sync directly with the automed system.
  • Inbuilt RFID: Both HDX and FDX low-frequency RFID tags can be scanned using the automed system.
  • Incomplete Dose: Receive real-time alerts of incomplete doses and flag treatment records for review.
  • Light Weight: Evenly balanced device weighing only 400g (0.9lbs).
  • Splash Resistant: Spray it with water, wipe it down with a damp cloth, the device is splash resistant.
  • Integration SDK: Integrate the automed device directly into your 3rd party application

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